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TFW is a summer camp romance between Landon, a hollywood actor, and Archie, a closeted ballet dancer, who are blackmailed into ending their relationship before it even begins.


Angus Reid finally gets the roommate he's always hoped for. Unfortunately, falling for your straight roommate is never a good idea, and during a snowed-in weekend, Angus learns this lesson the hard way.

No Big Deal is the short story prequel to To Be Honest


No Big Deal cover.jpg
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TBH Angus is pretty sure he's being catfished and embarks on a summer road trip to confront the person on the other side of his screen--without falling for his straight best friend in the process.

In Real Life eBook cover.jpg

In Real Life, sometimes love isn't all you need. 
When Archie and Landon head to Aus, Archie has to deal with Landon's massive family, his gorgeous ex-boyfriend, and the fact that being 'together' isn't all theoretical. 

IRL is the novella follow-up to That Feeling When.

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For the win.jpg

In this holiday themed meet cute, Brooks struggles to keep his attraction to Darien platonic.

But Darien has other ideas. 

For The Win is the short story prequel to In Case You Missed It. 


ICYMI ebook-2.jpg

ICYMI life isn't easy, and Darien is going to find out exactly what that means ... the hard way. He's never walked away when things get rough, but Brooks's secret might be more than even he can take. 

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